Interested In Renting a Booth?

For over 20 years we have been one of the best outlets for selling handmade gifts and décor in our region and we are always looking for new products to add to our exceptional product mix. If you believe you have a great product and would like to sell your items in an exciting and profitable operation, let us help—you’ll be glad you did!

The Quilted Bear’s concept is built around stores located in great retail locations, selling high quality items in a warm and entertaining environment. Each store has great freeway access and is located inside a major mall or within a few miles of one and our shopping atmosphere is unsurpassed! 


This is our smallest booth (4'x2')

Our advantages

  • Sales in each location exceed well over $1,000,000.00 annually and customer traffic is excellent!
  • We advertise heavily using many varied methods such as:  Online ads, Outdoor Media, Local magazines & other methods to attract new customers.
  • All artisans are juried to insure store products are of a high quality, fair price and unique design.
  • Customers come from a wide area because each store is very LARGE, ranging in size from 16,000 sq. ft to 25,000 
  • Each store uses surveillance cameras and electronic theft deterrant systems to help minimize shoplifting.
  • Our artisans/crafters can look up their daily sales on the internet. You don’t have to make a trip to the store to see what you’ve sold!
  • Each store has public restrooms and the Ogden location has an in-store restaurant to handle hungry customers and keep them shopping longer.
  • Vendors are paid once every month and the booth fee and commission is automatically deducted.

How It works

If you are interested in renting a booth in one or more of our stores, please tell us a little about your items and submit a few sample pictures of your products to our jury committee below. 

If you would rather have us review your products in person, the Ogden store offers that option:

  • Draper – Please fillout the standard Artisan/Booth Application below.
  • Ogden – Please email or call 801-621-0760 and speak to Darren for an appointment.

Either way, acceptance into each store is based upon:  Variety (we prefer items that are FRESH & different and likely to have a strong customer interest, be of excellent product QUALITY, & are offered at a fair PRICE).

Booths are leased in six month increments (or three months with a higher monthly booth fee). Prices and sizes vary within in each store but they generally start at about $104.00 a month for a 4'x2', (four feet wide, two feet deep and six feet tall) and go up higher depending upon size.  Each store retains between 13-17% commission depending upon which store location is desired and the type of product you intend to sell (handcrafted or purchased items meant to be resold).  There is also a refundable security deposit that is equal to one month’s booth fee due at signing.

Artisan/Booth Application

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